Amber Ray with her son
Image: Instagram

Socialite Amber Ray displayed some cool mom traits by allowing her under-age son to drive a car.

Seated on the co-driver's seat, the mother of one enjoyed some cool music as her son was driving.

In the video posted on her Instagram, the son is also dancing to music, diving her mother in an unknown road.

The legal driving age in Kenya is 18 years, but for Jamal Roho Safi's wife, her son can also do it.

The video attracted mixed reactions, with some fans praising Amber for being a cool mum. Others were irrated by the manner in which she was risking her life and son's by allowing him to drive the heavy machinery.

Amber Ray's husband, Jamal Marlow is the Chairman of Matatu operators in Nairobi CBD. But the teen son's father is called Gavin.