•Xtian Dela's manifesto for Westlands Constituency

•You and I have amazing gay friends 

•We should not criminalize and insult them

Xtian Dela defends LGBT rights
Xtian Dela Xtian Dela defends LGBT rights
Image: Instagram

Fans have traded guns on Social media influencer Xtian Dela just a day after he revealed his manifesto for the Westlands constituency seat. 

Just after declaring his ambition to advocate for LGBT rights through parliament, Xtian Dela received hateful comments that have deprived him of peaceful sleep. 

"Been getting hate comments, calls, emails, DMs, calls, and texts all day because of my LGBT stand. The INSULTS, HATE and BILE are just too much. Haven’t been able to even sleep. The CYBER BULLYING I’m receiving is EXTREME. Too much hate for LGBT," tweeted Xtian Dela. 

Yesterday, Xtian announced that the LGBT community will be his first priority if he clinches the Westlands Parliamentary seat in 2022. 

"Let’s be REAL...Most young people in Kenya are part of the LGBTQI community! You and I both have very amazing gay friends and we have NO issue about it!! It’s high time as Kenyans we accepted this fact and legislated laws that PROTECT them instead of criminalizing and insulting them!!..If we have no issue with them personally, why don’t we PROTECT them PUBLICLY & constitutionally?!?" wrote Xtian Dela.

He added;

"People should be FREE to love who they WANT in private and public! Love is love and it’s high time KENYA embraced that!!If we believe we are created equal, the love we show each other MUST also be equal. No Cap!!...Why live like a THUG in hiding Just because of LOVE?!...It’s high time EVERYONE had a voice!!....My LGBTQI friends who ain’t in WESTLANDS, Change your vote to Westlands and let your VOICE finally be heard by voting for me as Westlands MP!! Time to make laws that benefit EVERYONE!!"