Media personality Maina Kageni has revealed the reason he protects his family from the limelight.

Speaking to Bonga Na Jalas on Tuesday, the Classic 105 breakfast host said his family loves their privacy.

"Family is private. They did not choose this life, I was the one who chose it. I love my entire family but I will not talk about them because they didn't ask for attention unless they tell me they would like to say something."

During the interview, Maina spoke about his plans of settling down.

He said he has not prioritised marriage at the moment over reasons he says makes sense to him.

"Sometimes, I think marriage is not for everyone but never say never. I believe that. you know why. 'Charles Njonjo got married at 54 years and he is 100 now, he has not died but tries to marry now, you will die at 63," he joked.

"That is how you kill yourself. First of all, your woman will always have more money than you and that is a fact since she didn't spend her money. she saves it so don't think buying her a Benz is impressing her."

Maina and his co-host Mwalimu Kingangi host the biggest breakfast show on Classic 105.