Radio Jambo host Gidi has expressed his disappointment after his travel pass to France was cancelled at the last minute.

Gidi was to travel to France to meet his daughter Marie-Rise as she celebrates her 5th birthday.

Taking to his Instagram to express his disappointment, he wrote

'Today our daughter Princess Marie-Rose turns 5. As I write this, she is expecting me in France to celebrate with her. She has an elaborate birthday party planned for tomorrow where she has invited 14 of her classmates with their parents and friends.

What Marie-Rose doesn't know is that I won't be coming. I was bumped out of the Wednesday night flight to Paris due to a last minute visa hitch occasioned by the new covid-19 travel restrictions.

Gidi added that he had  met all the requirements but later learnt there were new restrictions put in place thus he missed his flight.

I had met all the travel requirements with valid visa, covid-19 negative test certificate etc. The airline had even checked in my luggage and issued a boarding pass, only to be told at the boarding gate that I need clearance from the French Embassy coz my 3 year visa was issued way back before covid-19 pandemic.

I had no option but to turn back to the arrivals section, feeling disappointed and wasted. I picked my luggage which was already removed from the plane and went back home.

In the luggage, I had Marie-Rose's special birthday dress for her big day. She is still eagerly waiting to wear tomorrow .


I also had some Kenyan souvenirs/gifts that she intended to give to her classmates 

Yesterday I received clarification from the French Embassy that its indeed true that they are not yet allowing travellers with visit visa. Website indicates you can travel for family reunion but was informed its only for a certain type of visa, something that I wasn't aware of

I feel the airline should have informed me on these new guidelines before booking or before check in. However they have since apologised for the hitch and offered to refund the ticket in full without any penalties.

I haven't spoken to Marie-Rose since the eventful night, coz I don't know how she will react to this disappointment. Am also not sure how to break the news on her special day

Sadly mama is still waiting for Daddy to land anytime Use.

Kweli people have different problems, huyu analia amemiss flight wengine tukalia kutumiwa fare.