Diamond Platnumz's exe’s Zari Hassan and Wema Sepetu have been at each other’s necks this past few days and it’s hilarious.

The big question is, has the beef been revived by the fact that Diamond and his baby Mama Zari have been spending time together in South Africa?

Weeks ago Diamond went to South Africa to visit his baby mama Zari and their kids Tiffah and Nylan and netizens couldn't keep calm.

Many were looking forward to a reunion given that we all thought Zari would be the only woman to pin Diamond down,  but it doesn't seem like it will happen.

Zari recently offered to feed Wema who has lost a lot of weight thus looking ‘sickly’.

Before Zari came into the scene, Diamond was dating Wema Sepetu, their relationship went sour and he started dating Zari.

This seems to have caused wounds on the heart of Wema who can't seem to accept that Diamond left her for an older woman and even sired kids with her.

She and Diamond did not speak to each other for three years after they broke up.

Wema has trouble siring kids and this might be one of the reasons why she and Diamond Platnumz broke up.

Diamond has also been spending a lot of time with Zari and his kids Tiffah and Dylan to Wema's disgust.

Last year, each of Diamond’s Baby Mama took the children to him but Zari’s arrival stood out as the most celebrated one.

After four years of not setting eyes on his children, Diamond prepared a grand reception for them at the Julius Nyerere International Airport.

Two months later, Tanasha’s turn to take Naseeb to his father came. Hers was a low-key arrival as Diamond was not present to receive her at the airport.

When Hamisa’s turn came, she also took Dylan to his father without much hype.

Diamond keeps proving that he has a soft spot for Zari from the way he has been treating her.

In April this year, the Bongo artists visited Zari in South Africa where he stayed for weeks.

The worst thing is that Diamond being the Simba he is is still in communication with most if not all his exes.

Does it mean that Wema is still in love with Diamond? We can only wait and see how all this drama unfolds.

One thing Wema should learn is that she can't win against Zari.