Controversial musician Willy Paul has signed a new artiste under his record label 'Saldido'.

Announcing on his social media, Pozzee said he is ready to lift new talents in the country adding that he is fixing the damaged parts of the industry.

Earlier on, Willy Paul signed a female artiste identified as Miss Picasah.

He admitted that fans want to listen to clean and good content.

Check out his post;

Good morning fam, hope you're ready for this one! Wakitoa tunatoa! Kenya has too much talent, please let's support our own. Follow my newly signed Male artist @klons_kenya now for more. My promise to you this year is, fix the damaged parts of our industry. People out here are too selfish, too self-centered to help those in need. We started with @misspicasah now we're here with another fresh talent @klons_kenya . And @saldido_international is not stopping at anything... i believe its time to show the world what we can really do!! Kazi ya Mungu haina Makosa.. one more thing, giving back doesn't cost you anything!

Remember, good and clean content is what people really want!

Apologising to his fans on Instagram, Pozze admitted that he released ‘dirty’ tracks to draw attention.

Pozze then promised to be more intentional in his approach to content creation.

“For the longest time, I thought that being nasty was the way to go. That being nasty would make my music sell. I’ve come to realise that good music is what people really want, and this year, I promise nothing but the best,” he said.