Celebrated Radio host Carol Radull has shared an old photo of her whole family.

She said that the family of six travelled from Bondo to Kisumu town to take the photo when she was 7 years old.

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Radull pointed that among the 6 family members in the photo, only three were alive. These are her sister, her mother, and the journalist herself. She explained about her late brothers and father.

"My small brother George died of Cancer on 15th May 1987. My brother Robert died in November 1998. My Dad passed away also from cancer on May 19th, 2013. Today in Bondo we hold family prayers for them," Radul wrote.

She added:

"It's been difficult for the Radull Ladies without the strength of our brothers and father around. My Mum and my sis  are my rock!"

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According to Radull, she misses her father the most because of the love he showed, making them feel perfect.

"I miss my brothers and especially my Dad. Dad had a way of making us believe that everything would be alright; especially when I felt I had made a mistake in life and rolled down my socks. I was far from being a perfect daughter or sister but he made all his children feel perfect. I miss his unconditional love," said Radul.