Kenyan gospel artiste Nicah the Queen now says she does not and has never used her body to 'invite' people to church.

She was responding to a video that trended weeks ago in which she was trolled for shaking her backside as she was welcoming people to church.

In the video, many felt she was focusing the video on her curvaceous body and that she was indecently dressed for a church person.

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Speaking during an interview with Mwende Macharia, Nicah shared

''I trended because some people said I was badly dressed others said I was using my body to invite people to church.

I used to get affected but I decided to accept myself for who I am (curvy).

There are days you feel afraid to make steps due to the attention.

I do not shake my derrière it just happens, even if I stand up and walk now it will happen.'

Nicah has always caused a storm online over her dress mode given that many feel that she wears clothes that are either too revealing or too tight.

According to moral police, she should be wearing derras (pun intended)