Lady Mandy, the wife to Sauti Sol's guitarist Fancy Finger, is celebrating her first mothers day this year.

The proud mother of one, has been enjoying the journey for eight months since they welcomed their son.

The two have decided not to reveal much details about their son, they only identify him as baby 'O'.

Taking to her Instagram page, Lady Mandy reflected on her journey and asked her fans to add more on the comment section.

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Eight months that feel like eight hundred years 😭😭 been in my feels the whole damn day....

Here are my mummy reflection and 2 cents on my journey so far... feel free to add ON in the comment section. It may help a mummy babe

1. The difference between baby IN and baby OUT is like day and night. No one or thing really prepares you.

2. Breastfeeding is natural but not automatic

3.Parenthood is a " Magigal Ghettaux " kicks your ass more times than you would like to admit and fill your heart with love more than your little heart can seem to handle

4. Your child is the best teacher you ever thought you would have

5. The most overworked and in high demand muscle is TRUST

6. Get comfortable with vulnerability

7. It feels like you are in a strange body before and after baby too. Don't know when this ends

8. Burnout is real , be always on the look out. Mummy time is KING.