A Kenyan man identified as Ngash the Artist has for the first time met his dad after not knowing him for the past 38 years.

Ngash who is a close childhood friend to Daddy Owen could not hide his joy as he shared photos of himself and that of his dad on social media.

'God makes all things beautiful in HIS TIME(Eccl 3:11)

After 38 years i met my man who sowed the seed for me to exist AKA my Dad.....

Really had a good time catching up with him, also this meeting made me have a deeper affection as to what my Mum went thru raising 2 boys alone........(9/52)'

In a social media post, Daddy Owen hinted that growing up without knowing his dad took an effect on Ngash.

Such a powerful story, my very good friend NGASHVILLE @ngashtheartist finally met his dad!! I have known Ngashville for so many years and that story about his dad has been a very sensitive and delicate issue to talk about, growing up not knowing who your dad is is not easy, I could tell most of the time when we were young it was affecting him emotionally. Ths is a great lesson for all of us. I am so happy bro for finally meeting your dad after 38 years!!!!