Christian Shusho is one of the most popular and loved gospel artists in East Africa, not just because of her moving songs and impeccable voice, but also for her humble and God-fearing personality.

The Tanzania native has some of the biggest hits in the gospel world and massive collaborations with other gospel artistes, like; Thamani Ya Wokovu Wako, Napokea Kwako, Mtetezi Wangu, Unikumbuke and her collabo with Ringtone, Tenda Wema.

The best part about her musical career is that she doesn't restrict herself to project her home country only and you will see her often in Kenya, working with other gospel acts and ministering in various churches

Shusho is also admired for her moral values and Christian beliefs that help her lead the good life of a born-again woman and gospel artiste.

The celebrated singer is also a huge supporter of women and girl's campaigns and in a recent interview with TBC1, Shusho talked about how women should believe in themselves so that they can stand out and be respected in the community.

According to her, women face a lot of issues and difficulties and it takes a lot of patience for anyone to face them, but as a woman, she can preserve for the sake of her family.

She then urged women to raise their standards so that they can earn the respect they really deserve. She then added that being submissive doesn't mean one should be mistreated in society or by men.

Shusho also added that for a woman to be given the respect she deserves, she needs to start by respecting herself first;

Mama ni mtu mzuri sana, mama ajitambue na awe tayari kwa nafasi atakayokuwa nayo na aifanye kwa uaminifu,aibu ndogondogo hizi lazima tuwe tunaziondoa kwa upande wa wanawake tufute.