Kenyan artiste Wahu Mathenge has advised people in love to learn to appreciate and accept each other's imperfections as it's part of the 'package.'

According to the mother of two, people should also learn to love themselves enough not to want to be completed by their partners.

Through her social media platform she advised

One thing I've come to understand about love.... You shouldn't be with someone who completes you... . This is what all romance movies and novels say I beg to differ. You should be complete on your own. Be with someone who loves you completely and who you completely love...

This means accepting each other's imperfections, and always striving to focus on each other's strengths... it's definitely not easy, but at the end of it all, it's so worth it.

Wahu had in an earlier post thanked her neighbours back in the day for allowing her now ex husband to call her and vice versa.

Partly she wrote

This gadget (landline phone) brings back soooooo many fond memories ... But that's for the few times ours was actually working... otherwise tulikua tunadandia ya neiba (shout out to kina malombe of flat no. L6! )

My boyfriend, who is now my husband used to call me on kina malombes phone. Heh!! Not sure if their mum approved, but they really helped my love life!

And this expression right here....was pretty much me every time ma ka boyfriend called!

OK! Now you know!!

The Mathenge's are loved by many for their scandal free marriage. They are also not clout chasers unlike most celebrities.

They are as authentic as they can be.

Like Wahu advises, be enough for yourself. You cannot give from an empty cup.