Kiss 100 radio presenter Kamene Goro has called out a male fan after he criticized her dressing saying that it showed lack of morals.

This was after the plus sized radio presenter shared the photo on social media.

According to the fan identified as Daniel, Kamene should not have worn such a dress.

To prove how agitated the dress got him, Daniel called out to Ezekiel Mutua to rebuke such dressing in media houses.

Not only that, what kind of dress is that posted on media surely? Do these kiosk stations have a dress code? Where's mr moralist? Where's deputy jesus @EzekielMutua? Why haven't you rebuked this kind of dressing?" He commented on the picture

A very confident Kamene responded, basically telling him she will do as she pleases.

'Moral police! Unakasirishwa na nguo zangu hii mapema yote? Alaaaaaa! Imagine I will dress as I want! Vaa dera kama ukona shida sana"

Being a plus size girl and a tall one comes with it's fair share of problems among them finding the right dress.

But who knows maybe Kamene enjoys giving her legs some time to breath. Like she says kila nyani ana starehe yake.

If you find a woman's dress is too short or too tight, move on and find someone who dresses the way you like.