There is a good side in 2020 not everything always has to be negative for starters what a year to be served with great music and some dope virtual concerts. Kenyan musicians have been working extra to give their fans some dope music as a source of entertainment to relieve us from the stress of 2020. Some artists have gone to the extent of gifting fans with mind blowing albums that 2020 should not end without you having not listened to any of them;

1. Midnight train- Released on June 5th Midnight train was everything Africans as whole were hoping for. The album was trending on twitter and not that it is overhyped, this is the to die for album that no music lover should end the year without listening to. Every song in the album is mind blowing and worth it after all when has the boy band Sauti Sol ever disappointed fans? The album came right after they signed a major deal with Universal music group and as Kenyans we pride ourselves with these talented fellas. The album includes songs such as Suzanna, Insecure, Rhumba Japani, Brighter days, Disco Matanga, set me free, wake up, Intro, my everything, Midnight train, feel my love and Nenda.

2. Lucky you- Another artist that can do us no wrong musically is the king of comebacks himself not Manchester united hehe but the great Nyashinski. The rapper was able to deliver to his fans after releasing Lucky you album in a virtual live concert that Kenyans could not get enough of. The dope album contains tracks such as Greener, G.O.A.T, Traveler, Wach Wach, Fathela, Sweet Aroma, Glory, Lucky you, Time, Everyday, flower and Too much. Well it was too much to handle the greatness of this album and make sure not to slide into 2021 without binging on this album.

3. Jungle fever- The music industry should be grateful and pride themselves with the release of Jungle fever album by rapper Octopizzo. Why? Reason being that album is unique and fresh in every way and the visuals have been perfected to match the tracks on this album. Octopizzo has incorporated various artists and blended Afro-rap by fusing it with some rhumba to go with the theme of celebrating African culture and spirit. The 15 track album includes hits such as Lela, Goodmorning Africa, Sitaki, Jaber, Plus one, Swaga za wapi, Zambe, Nataka, Karatasi, Maselina, Tamaa, Dungu, Ringa, City Kabanas and Kibanda. The track was released on 20th of November and we must agree that Ohanga outdid himself on this one so make sure not to miss out.

4. Just in love- Just like the title of the song the album is all about love and we love it. Otile Brown has risen to greatness, he has made a place for himself in the industry by becoming the most watched Kenyan artist on YouTube and we know why after all the Just in love album contains some dope tracks that missing in is definitely missing out. The 11 track album has featured collaborations from various artists and has hits such as Dusuma, Regina, hit and run, Leila, Umemdashi, pretty girls, Zaidi yako, dede, watoto na pombe, vibe and Kosea. For the artist he describes the album as 2020’s biggest releases.

5. Kuwe – The title of the album just introduces us to a different scene. Kuwe is an album by songbird Ssero as usual she came to deliver and change the game. The afro-fusion singer’s album tells the African story by fusing traditional Kenyan folk with Afro pop and Benga and the blend is nothing but magical. The 14 track album has also uniquely fused different languages so any music lover should be listening to this album for that great experience.

6. Songs of Solomon- Troubled Willy Pozze recently blasted fellow artists for not supporting him in pushing the album. He called out the creatives for apparently being jealous and expressed his disappointments. According to Pozze he describes the album as the best Kenya has had in centuries. “The most lit album Kenya has had in centuries my opinion, ule akona yake ajieke.” He captioned under a post he had shared of the video of his latest releases in the album ‘Nimelewa’. One thing is for sure the album includes some great songs with 9 amazing tracks including Nimelewa, Nye, Kidogo, Nikumbatie, Something, tired, Collabo, Nomare and Solomon so make sure to check that one out.