Mozzart Bet Kenya has been operating in Kenya for three years and is honored to stand in solidarity with Kenyans and provide support to communities. Recently, the company made donations in Imbo, Kothidha, Homabay County presenting a life-changing Christmas gift to the community.

"We are very proud to be able to launch our first Water Project in this great county of Homabay." said Mr. Frank Ochieng from Mozzart Bet. "The people of Imbo are the first beneficiaries of our new socially responsible initiative that we call 'Clean drinking water for our communities'" he continued.

"Through this Water Project, Mozzart aims to give back to the society by delivering clean water to the communities. We hope that this will make a difference here", remarked Mr. Frank Ochieng'

Sadly, the companies from this industry that have been continuously supporting communities now seem to be undesirable for some individuals in Kenya.  The companies that annually pay more than US$60 million to the state and local government budgets and provide employment to 55,000 people are again target of local powerful people who are trying to take primacy in an illegal and primitive way by connecting successful and recognized foreign companies with illegal activities.