You can look at this body-shaming thing from different perspectives, you can be called fat, skinny or someone can decide to ridicule your body features like how your heads looks funny.

Calling somebody ‘skinny’ is not seen as body shaming, but try making fun of anyone because of their huge body, people will say your soul is blacker than Lucifer himself. Folks are always fat people, not sure why but I think people with small bodies should be protected from this hate too.

NRG radio presenters King Kalala and Reedah Yvonne posted a video on instagram appreciating their small waists, Kalala jumped in and blurted, ‘Fat people are careless as fuck’.

People were mad that they were attacking fat people. Was she wrong though? One does not just become fat except for sickness or genes, yes some people are just born overweight.

The others who gain weight on the way are mostly those with ‘bad’ eating habits, you eat a lot of junk without adding any fat free food to maintain the balance. What do you expect?

Of course you will gain weight. Sometimesyou are with somebody at a buffet and you ask them why they are not picking fried meat. They are like ‘that meat has too much fat, am watching my weight’, see? Your body is like a baby, it needs caring and raising up, if you feed it well then it grows up just fine.

You eat junk regularly then you will be fat. So Kalala was right, bad eating habits are bred by careless people, careful people who want to remain fit watch what they eat!

This begs the question, does skinny privilege exist? People like to call them petite, you have this kinda body and you walk into a room full of people, they will look but won’t stare.

A fat person will get a lot of attention, folks will cringe at how you are walking. I was watching some of Edgar Obare’s stories someone from ‘hide my id gang’ was talking of how a skinny girl can sit next to someone in a matatu but they won’t look at her weirdly.

A fat person will really struggle trying to fit in the squeezed sits and this will turn a lot of heads. So yeah, skinny privilege exists.

We can argue the whole day but we all know fat people are hated on, on a daily. Njugush’s wife Celestine posted a picture of herself in body-hugging clothes and suddenly the haters became seasoned designers.

They were talking of how she should wear clothes that suit her body, who put you in

charge of Njugush’s family wardrobe? I am sure that most of those who were

trying to correct her have insecurities about their own bodies.

People should just learn to mind their own business, like why do you care if someone is overweight or under? Okay if you care about them and their health you can ask if they are okay with it, if they are then let them be.

Everyone just wants to be comfortable, you nosing around their lives is just a nuisance. Let fat people be fat and let skinny be skinny.