It is sad that the most talented African music groups are breaking up. From recent the P-Square's fight to Kenya's talented gospel music group M.O.G and Uganda's girl band Blu 3; they've all parted ways.

Well, here is a list of once upon a time celebrated groups that have split up.


Kenya's celebrated girl band Tatuu had just started going international before their split. Remember the 'Mvua yanyesha, jua la waka' song, they are the hitmakers of that hot track among others.

Mpasho can now confirm that some of the group members are abroad with families.

Here is one of their hit song Teso:

Ya Moto Band

Tanzanian boyband Ya Moto split early this year over irreconcilable differences. The Band which was made of Dogo Aslay, Maromboso, Enock Bella and Beka is said to have parted ways after Aslay started doing his own projects.

After going solo, the members have been competing in the Tanzanian music industry and are said to even be beefing.

Check out their hit song Nitakupwelepweta:

Necessary Noize

Bamzigi, Nazizi and Wyre came up with the Necessary Noize group but Bamzigi left afew years after the group was formed. Nazizi and Wyre went on to do a couple of collabos and later settled on solo projects.

Here is their hit Kenyan Boy, Kenyan Girl:


Gospel group BMF split and Mpasho can confirm that some of the group members have settled down as others went abroad in search of greener pastures.

Here is their hit I Live For You:


Kenyan gospel group M.O.G split up months after one of the members, Tony, left. Boss is the only one who is currently releasing songs.

Check out their hit Heart Breaker:

Blu 3

In the early 2000s, Ugandan girl band Blu 3 was one of the most celebrated groups in East Africa. Jacky Chandiru continued with her singing career but has recently been reported to be battling drug addiction.


News came in that P-Unit was no more... Sad news that got Kenyans talking. Bon-eye, Frasha and Gabu parted ways and are now specializing in other things. Gabu has since then gone solo.

Deux Vultures

Their group was made up of Colonel Mustapha and Nasty Thomas. Thomas left for greener pastures abroad and Colonel is currently a reality TV show star but still does music.

Check out the song Katika:


The group was made up of Nyashinski, Collo and Roba. Nyash and Collo have gone solo while Roba is M.I.A (Missing In Action) ever since he got his first child.

Here was one of their hits Tuendelee:


They are the latest group to call it quits. The twin brothers have been beefing a year now before Peter filed a termination letter. The twins and their elder brother Jude Okoye were recently spotted fighting and hurling insults at each other.

Check out Beautiful Onyinye, one of their best hits.