Gospel artiste Guardian Angel is once again riding the airwaves with his new jam ‘Corona’ which is in conjunction with the Kenyan Government.

‘I was called by the Presidential Music commission. The song was to educate people about CoronaVirus and how to keep fighting it.

People in the village are getting information but they are not following the set instructions.

Most of them are hand to mouth so it is hard for them.

They are assuming the coronavirus is only in Nairobi.

They have the same mentality as some people who are living in Nairobi and assuming that coronavirus haiwezi fika ushago.

That is why you see some people are traveling upcountry as if Corona cannot travel there.’

Asked how much he was paid, he was elusive about it instead adding

‘God has blessed me, and it’s a project I enjoyed working on.’

Having lived in the streets before, Guardian Angel understands the challenges street kids are going through at the moment.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho he said

‘We do not have enough facilities right now, street kids are normally the last on the list, for them, no one bothers about them.

When people are being told to stay at home no one is bothered about providing a home for these kids.

Even now it’s like they do not exist and it’s very sad.’

The project is in conjunction with the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage.

Guardian is known for songs such as 'Nadeka, Hadithi and Wakati wa Mungu.'

Check out the Corona video below