Mr. Seed is a popular gospel artists.

He has recently dropped a new hit song called 'kwa hao' that is currently trending on YouTube.

The song is not only featuring gospel artists but also Genge tone artists.

It also has Kartelo who is not only a content creator but also a radio presenter.

VDJ Jones who is a well renown artists is also in the new hit song.

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Mr. Seed chose to do Gengetone because its the new trending style in Kenya right now.

I'm strictly a gospel artists.The song talks about returning people to the church. even the odi's praise god in church and When God blessed me with a child I dedicated him to the church.

Mr. Seed woks with different artistes regardless of the genre they sing.

He doesn't judge anyone on the genre of music they do which is amazing.

I've worked with so many different artistes regardless of whether they are secular or gospel artists because I believe, at times people have something in their heart that they would like to share about what God has done in their lives but they don't get the chance until they get someone who is doing it is when they get comfortable to do a music like that to give thanks

The song is generally a praise song with the featured artists giving their personal testimonies on their relationship with God.

Miracle Baby of Sailors gang is the one who helped him come up with the amazing hook for the chorus.

The song is a product of team work and it took different people to make it possible.

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The thing he discovered about working with this people is that they have the fear of God.

He said,

The major lesson I learnt is that all these people are amazing with clean hearts and they have the fear of God in them. And may God continue blessing them.

To add on, Mr. Seed stated that this Gengetone artistes have changed the Kenyan music and are part of the new style and vibe.

In conclusion, it makes him so happy to see them succeed because they are doing it to make a living.