While the world is today celebrating Valentine's day, men have decided to boycott the day of love and instead attend the Men's Conference.

The men's conference is a well-planned event just for men to void spending any money, time or emotions on their women.

Here are men who won't be allowed into the conference Hall.

Men without a beard

Mwanaume ni ndevu if your visage is as soft as a baby's bum please stay home and babysit, there is no space for you at the men's conference.

Men with potbellies

We are in 2020 and men cannot be competing with women on who has the biggest belly so only men with okay sized bellies will be allowed in.

As for those who look 9 months pregnant, please register for a gym membership instead.

Men who constantly send fare to women

According to the men's conference 2020 rules, men who send women fare will be thrown out. Mwaume ni kukaa ngumu let her use her own cash.

Men who take to social media to flaunt their women

Such men will only watch from afar but will not be allowed in as they are show-offs. Even those who propose in public will not be allowed in.

Men who gossip

Gossiping is for women hence they will not be allowed into the men's conference as such behaviour is among what the men "are trying to eradicate".

Men who wear skinny jeans

The reason God made your balls and left them hanging is that in His infinite wisdom, He wanted them to 'breath'. So why wear tight jeans? Such men will be thrown out to go change.