She is one of the hottest chics in town, that I agree! Tracy Wanjiru has made headlines for the longest time over what Mafisi say is unavoidable beauty. Yaani urembo maalum.

Apart from her yellow yellow self, it seems fans don't know all about her, well this lass who was linked to Trey Songz has come out to tell more about herself.

She Is insecure with the size of her derriere

I know its shocking but its the truth! I mean you can't get everything, the beauty, the money and the butt too? No! The lass revealed that at some point in her life, she felt she had the smallest butt especially when she got to the clubs and her friends got all the men for themselves.

She says,

"I was so insecure about my A**...I rememeber we went to the club with my friends...So All My friends had big bootys...So am sitted there and all the guys were coming to talk to them...And i was like atleast i have an A**"

She is a college dropout

She was in law school but after a year down the line, the lass dropped out choosing fame and money instead. Well, the lass has now had a successful career as a TV host and has never seen the classroom door ever again.

She is a pointie

Tracy is half Kenyan, half Korean and now you can see where the smallness of her behinds came from. The reason why she complains about it is not known but just like any other lass, it is hard to understand her!

Online shopping is her thing

She won the Abryaz fashion awards as the Most Stylish Female media personality and for sure she deserved it. This lass has got good fashion sense.

She is not single

Now, team mafisi you don't have the chance to pull out some punch lines on this sexy lass. She is not for grabs.