They say marriage is like life - it is a field of battle, and not a bed of roses.

It is not a stroll down an 'easy road', it's more like a bumpy drive through 'Human Traits and Weakness Road' and I couldn't agree more.

Although some try to stay in a marriage even if it's abusive, others don't. They call it quits and Award-winning gospel singer Gloria Muliro is one of them.

Early last year Gloria Muliro made headlines after she revealed that she had parted ways with her husband Congolese preacher and producer Eric Omba after five years of marriage.

Gloria blamed her husband for being unfaithful throughout their marriage and mistreating her.

Since then, Gloria Muliro moved on and from the look of things, the ever smiling lady is enjoying her single life. From landing major deals with top corporates to performing at events, Gloria Muliro is indeed doing great. Below is photo evidence to prove this