'We have no shortage of gospel singers, tembeza kiatu,' Ringtone tells Stivo Simple Boy

Piece by: Caren Nyota

Kibra finest Stivo Simple Boy is a threat to gospel artistes. Ringtone feels threatened by Stivo's new song I Lift You Higher.


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He went ahead to tell the upcoming singer to stick to secular and that he wasn't welcomed in the gospel industry.

I want to tell you (Stivo Simple Boy) If you're going to sing gospel songs you don't start by releasing songs. You start by declaring if you support the gospel, born again and, which church you attend.


The controversial artistes went ahead to tell gospel DJs and presenters not to play Stivo's songs.

Gospel DJs presenters as the industry's chairman I want to warn you, we must not make the same mistake we made with Willy Paul ametuaibisha. Stivo shoud not be on your playlist we don't have shortage of gospel artistes.

He added,

Stivo simple boy isn't born again, we need to see his pastor. Tafuta kwingine [ Please go somewhere else], not welcomed in the gospel industry.

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Ringtone has been told off by Kenyans for not supporting young upcoming talents.

sosuun Shame on you @ringtoneapoko

m4jofficia who else thinks @ringtoneapoko anatumia mihadarati?

FK Kennedy John Simple boy sings more sense than all your songs combined.

irenemwende Potelea mbali why attack a young guy like that, are you the one who has called him, Do you owe his salvation in the Bible says judge not, therefore let God judge and not you,

olivester_alucho You always seeking attention by talking about other artistes who even don't give a fuck about your primitivity, grow some balls ringtone

lowkey At least he is educating the youth buckooo😪😪what are you teaching the society??? Kutafuta bibi na billboard?? Wee kama content ya gospel imeisha rudi kwa hiyo place imeandikwa nyuma ya ID yako

Nicholas Ngetich Ringtone umezidi my friend , upcoming artists should be given space my friend , instead of praying to your fellow musicians you are here judging as who? ....Read Mathew 7:2

starpar_kenya Nyashinski released Mungu pekee and he is not a Gospel artist but the song is a blessing to many of us

jacksonnyandaya Are you the one signing the gospel artists?

John Meyo You have got the worst Ringtone ever both home and away that no human can really long to hear