Gospel singer Mr. Seed is currently making headlines with the song Oyoyo, one that has topped music charts.

In Oyoyo, the EMB-signed artiste is seen dressed like a tout. However, Seed has shut down claims that he was a Makanga in real life, rumours that had started stirring.

"Sijaikua makanga, lakini nishaidandia gari. Kuna siku nikiishi Huruma, dereva hakua na makanga akaniambia nimuingizie watu. For the first time nikaona ni interesting, lakini sijaikua makanga, ni concept tu yangu. Niliona nifanye hivyo ndio ni-relate na watu. The response has been amazing, unlike my previous songs. This one blesses me."

And yes, the Simba Wa Yudah hitmaker is a hard worker.

"I do a lot of research. Sometimes I sleep at 4am and wake up at 8am, working. I do research on so many different things. I don't want people to always predict what I'm going to release next."

What about the daily trolling he receives on social media?

"I'm used to being trolled. I've been here for long and I've gone through a lot. I've developed a thick skin and I believe I'm here to inspire people. I want to give people good music, gospel music. I'm also human and at some point, some things on social media get too personal."

Even though hesitant, Seed says there is hope of a wedding.

"When that time for a wedding comes, I'll make the announcement. But right now I'm just focused on music."

Check out his exclusive interview with Mpasho: