She is the prettiest gospel star in Kenya.

Joyce Omondi carries her beauty with such class and elegance you cannot help but love her.

She is the proverbial wife material. However, she is super pissed at some idlers. Without sparing their feeling, she has gone super ham on them.

"As long as you know God is for you, it doesn't matter who is against you," Joyce Omondi started her warning post against bitter haters.

The Conquerer star wrote, "Broken, spiteful and disingenuous folk manifest their insecurities in all manner of ways. In fact, some people are so broken that they can't stand seeing others whole. After all, misery loves company."

Joyce added, "This weekend at church we were reminded that for a child of God there is both pain and joy in all our suffering. God uses our trials and tribulations to expose darkness, build our character, cause us to walk in maturity, lead us to breakthroughs and purpose, and display his glory. He is a good Father. The source of all goodness. No evil dwells in him. We can, therefore, find rest in Him knowing that no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper and every tongue that rises against us He shall condemn (Isaiah 54:17).

So when the tide rises and the storm rages, remember that all things are working for your good, because He is intentional and no power of hell or scheme of man can ever pluck you from His hand. This is the power of Christ in you and me.

May this conclusion from the #CITAMSafari Encounter stage study be a blessing to you today: "Though life brings us pain and suffering, we should be encouraged in the fact that even in the suffering, the soul of a Christian is well SECURED in God. Christ our Saviour suffered on the cross for our sake, and through Him we can face EVERY situation with joy and confidence.""

I wonder who this post is directed at? Nani amekukasirisha mami?