Days are gone when female gospel artistes shied away from flashy and sophisticated lifestyles.

The latest crop of musicians in this genre has totally changed the face of gospel music that was previously seen as boring.

Today female gospel artistes are arguably trendier than their counterparts who do secular music.

They have become more flashy in their style of dressing, expensive homes and the cars they drive.

Below is a list of the 7 sexiest gospel artistes in Kenya today;

1. Size 8

Married to one of the top gospel music DJs in the country. She was a secular singer before she got saved a few years back.

2. Dee

3. Joyce Omondi

The Hakuna Matata hit maker is one of the fastest rising musicians in the Kenyan entertainment industry. She is regarded as the queen of beauty.

4. Ruth Matete

The 2012 TPF winner

5. Esther Wahome

She is the sexiest gospel singer around. Esther has managed to stay in the current competitive music industry despite many fading into insignificance.

6. Kambua

The sexy lady who graces our screens every Sunday morning. Kambua hosts the Kubamba Show on Citizen TV alongside Njugush.

7. Chuchu