Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli has shown off her dzaddy, Jared Nevaton.

Gone are the days where he was branded a "community husband", now, the vibe is all about love.

She penned a cute post saying, "My Babies at Tea Time. Very Beautiful sight."

The photo was one of her baby dzaddy and her son.

To top all the lovy dovy post, Lillian shared a quote by Sylvester Mcnutt, a self-help and relationships guru.

Lillian wrote, "I don't think most people understand what true love is. Its not the cheesy "couple goals" posts for Instagram. It's not the fancy dates, the happy hours, or the majestic nights laughing at silly movies."

She explained, "True love is waking up in the middle of the night to help you when you're sick because I don't want you to be sick alone. It's being your shoulder to cry on, to vent to."

"True love is being your biggest cheerleader and toughest critic. True love is looking at each other on a spiritual level, a level so deep, that you can feel them when they're gone. True love is six little words, "no matter what, I got you," she continued.

In the past, Lillian has shared her family moments.

The evidence of this is a very intimate photo of Jared Nevaton straddling his child on his lap.

Lillian captions the photo:

"Just Boys Hanging out ❤️ Liam and his Daddy."

In another post, Lillian seems to be in very good moods. She highlights her struggle of getting her snatched waist back.

"I had a CS my baby will be turning 6 months next week. Losing my tummy has been a struggle because after a cesarean you have to be careful not to hurt yourself as the healing process takes a while. I’m excited the Doctor says I can now go full out."

Lillian's fans have asked her why she won't post the full photo of both her child and the dzaddy.

She said, "I will never show my baby’s face until he is older sorry."

It makes sense for the two to hang out after all they have a baby together. So co-parenting is the main reason for this reunion after Lillian posted a scathing Instagram post calling Jared a "community husband".