Media personality Kambua Mathu has spoken up for the first time ever since she revealed that she is expecting a bundle of joy.

Kambua highlighted how cyberbullying over her childlessness ruined her social life.

“I have been cyber-bullied for not having children. It takes just one person to start the conversation. I could tweet about anything, let’s say: ‘It is such a beautiful day’, and somebody would reply with: ‘Utazaa lini?’.

She added, "And then a whole conversation follows thereafter. There is nothing that I have not been told about that issue – from ‘you must have aborted many children’ to ‘go and get yourself [medically] checked’ to ‘ulirogwa na nani?’… Just a lot of nasty stuff."

A not so impressed Kambua revealed on Citizen TV's morning show, Day Break, “When they are done with you on Twitter, they follow you to your Instagram account, and then they follow you to your Facebook account. Sometimes, it leaves me feeling like the world is caving in on me."

She continued, "When you are on TV, sadly, people think they can say anything about you, and that you have no feelings. The first time it happened to me, I felt like a part of me almost died."

This fear was so bad that "I felt very depressed; I did not want to leave my house, I did not want to do anything that involves public space because I felt like I did not want to engage people."

Kambua said, "I was living in a lot of fear. It happened the first time, and then the second time, and I was like: ‘I got over the first… Then it happens the third time, and I tell myself: ‘Wait, the issue is not me; the problem is with the bullies, who are behind their computers and smartphones. When I meet them, they don’t have the courage to tell me what they said on social media."

Se concluded saying, "I am vocal against cyberbullying. I will call people out and once in a while engage in a conversation with them."

She called out trolls who kept taunting her on Twitter.

Weighing in on the issue, Shix Kapienga said, "I used to reply to cyber bullies. Then I realized that in doing so, I was actually giving them a platform to further their agenda. Now, I will just delete your comment and block you."

Adding, "I feel women are more prone to cyberbullying. I feel this happens because ‘women are their worst enemies’. Cyberbullying hurts. We are all humans so it is really bad when people judge you for what you are not."

Shix Kapienga continued, "A woman will be tearing another woman down because of her looks, dress code or career yet they do not know each other."

DJ Pierra Makena also gave her thoughts saying, "I think it is okay to ‘clap-back’ once in a while to people who post mean things online."

Adding, "Personally, I choose to address the positive people. This is because the negative people are usually the minority."