Tanasha Donna, who is currently dating Diamond Platnumz has been forced to defend him in public after he was accused of cheating on her.

The photo of a popular Tanzanian socialite in a bed that resembles Diamond's (on which Tanasha recently took a pic) left many comparing notes, claiming it was the same bed.

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Diamond's fiance has told off rumour-mongers in a nonplussing message that read:

😜❤️💑 Lesson of the day: DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ OR HEAR... @diamondplatnumz ❤️.

The singer echoed his lover's remarks

Wajaribu lingine!

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Responding to one of her followers who told her to 'open her eyes', she responded:

Check out danubehometz for a bed just like that one. They're super duper comfy so people love to buy them.

But still, Tanasha's follower's don't agree with her and here are the reactions:

danouchemarquis If I understand there’s only one man for all the Tanzanians girl ? Must of Tanzanians girls are sleeping with Diamond? What a shame , they have a lock of self confidence. Low self

eshelldk Baby girl you need to stop defending a full grown man, he's got his own platforms to defend his ass. IG will destroy you, remember that while you rolling your eyes. Let that man clean his mess if there's any. You are too beautiful to act like it's empty upstairs.esteems.

rehema You don't have to get permission or validation from anyone!!! Keep doing you!

mwanjemaria Don't post all the time😂 it's a sign of panic!

idamj When you get your medicine of earrings , we will really cry with you. Sorry but not sorry. Homisas ni wengi

mwendebubbly Just stay reserved hun and see how things unfold, you don't want to be the one looking stupid when receipts are pulled because trust me this TZ ladies keep receipts. One word and they will prove you wrong,i hope that big watch she is wearing in that Video is not Diamonds.

julietwairimu Stop fighting chibus battle let him stand like a man that he is and clean the mess have you seen that video Lyn showing off the watch you bought him girl don't let us down we kenyans don't take crap and stop defending him roll your eyes all you want buy girl don't forget to open them later uone mbele lisemwalo lipo

kaninimimi  Lynn has nothing to loose btw she will torture you just ask Hamisa. Girl stay quiet, stay silent and just learn. Watch and observe. That way when the truth comes out eventually you won't look stupid.

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call_me_greysea 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 Sometimes silence is the only weapon @tanashadonna but you have decided to stoop low to their level.. Just like Zari did sometimes back alipopata earing ya Hamisa Kwa bed ya mondi, ofcourse baba Tee convinced Zari he is innocent and our Ugandan bae came yapping online calling dee Husband.. You know what happened next mimba.. Let him stand by you stop fighting too hard for him sweety.. 🇰🇪 🇰🇪 🇰🇪