A video going viral shows Timmy Tdat on stage while being grinded on by a female fan. This has stirred mixed reactions from different people about the performance of the Trikide hitmaker.

Check out the video:


Well, we reached out to the singer  who exclusively told Mpasho.co.ke that, the video was taken when he was performing in Lodwar:

Hio video in ya kitambo. Nilikua naperform Lodwar song yangu inaitwa Pogna Matin before hata itokee. Madem wakabambika sana na huyo akaruka kafanya hizo vitu alifanya.

The singer said he only blames the security during such events.

Kitu kama hiyo unacontrol aje? Si kuna security? Mimi nablame security yao juu wanafaa kua wanajua iko out of my control. Dem anaezakua ametoka nyuma yangu akuje hapo mbele afanye maajabu. Security wanafaa kua wanaangalia. Ime-happen mara mob

Timmy revealed that his family has been rewarding him for being out of trouble in the recent past. He is also set to give back to the community this December with a Kasabun tournament for the youth.