Imagine betting on 28 football matches and correctly predicting the outcome of all of them! Well, that’s exactly what Kevin Nderitu, a Naivasha worker from Pangani has done, after turning just Ksh.5 into a massive win of Ksh.796,699.30. Kevin was one of two winners over the weekend to bet small win BIG with betPawa. The other winner, Matatu Industry worker Henry Waigwa from won an amazing Ksh.606,659.30 from a Ksh.10 stake on 14 games.

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How Kevin cracked a 28 game bet!

Anyone who can correctly predict the outcome of 28 football matches deserves a great deal of credit… as many betters would know, it’s a very tough task. Kevin’s superb bet of 28 games meant that the Pangani resident activated betPawa’s 100% win bonus which automatically becomes available with any bet including over 20 games. The idea of betting with just Ksh.5 and turning it into Ksh.796,699.30 is a fantastic example of bringing betPawa’s tagline to life - ‘bet small win BIG’. Kevin shared his views on using the betting platform, stating “betPawa suits me perfectly because you can bet as low as Ksh.1 and get huge returns, I’d urge others to use betPawa too!”

Without the need to part with large sums of money, lives can be changed using very little - and it’s not just the lives of those that bet, as the majority of the time a big win has a huge impact on family and friends as well as sending positive vibrations right across the community. There’s no doubt that Kevin’s win will help to better not just his life but also those around him, here’s what he had to say after finding out he won, “I will give 10% to the church then help my mother, brother and sister to start up a business. The rest I will invest because I don’t want to waste the money.”

How Kevin did it:

Stake: 5Ksh

The number of games: 28

Win: 398 349.65

Bonus: 398 349.65

Payout: 796 699.30

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How Henry’s heart skipped a beat!

Henry placed double the amount that Kevin did using a Ksh.10 bet, but decided to opt for just 14 games, knowing he’d activate betPawa’s 50% win bonus that becomes available when betting on over 10 games. The Matatu Industry worker ended up with a full payout of Ksh.606,659.30!

What will Henry do with his money? Well, he’s determined to put it to good use, saying “I have to sit down and think carefully before using the money, then maybe I will buy some land and build a house for my family.” Henry is not the first and he sure won’t be the last to bet small win BIG with betPawa, as he encourages others to sign up and try to beat the bookmaker! Henry says, “To win a bet needs dedication because this is football and research is key. As for me, I staked Ksh.10 and selected 14 teams, meaning I was awarded with betPawa’s 50% win bonus.”

How Henry did it:

Stake: 10Ksh

The number of games: 14

Win: 404 439.53

Bonus: 202 219.77

Payout: 606 659.30

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