Diamond Platnumz has confessed that he was once forced to go to a witchdoctor by his former employer. In the past, he worked as a petrol station attendant where he says life was no walk in the park.

The Salome hitmaker says a time came when 300,000 Tanzanian shillings went missing. Talking during the launch of his album, A Boy From Tandale, Diamond says he was accused of theft and was later forced to go to a Mganga to confess.

"Nilikua nafanya kazi kwa petrol station pale Tandale. Siku moja pesa hazionekani, na mimi ndio nilikua nimeachwa, ilikua laki tatu za Tanzania, wakaanza kusema kuna hela imepotea na mimi ndio nimeichukua. Nikasema hakuna pesa niliyochukua."

He says the witchdoctor asked for coconuts to perform his rituals on Diamond who was found not guilty.

"Wakasema hapana, wakanipeleka kwa mganga, witch doctor, to confess. Mganga akaniangalia akasema kama umechukua hela rudisha sasa hivi.Akamwambia yule jamaa, leta nazi nne. Wakafanya fanya mambo yao, wakagundua sijachukua."

He added:

"Baada ya pale wakanipa nafasi ya kuonekana kamamimi ni mwaminifu na sio mwizi. Ukiwa mwaminifu inakusaidia."

The launch of his album took place on Wednesday night courtesy of Songa. It was an invite-only affair that was attended by big names in the Kenyan entertainment scene. His family, friends and entire WCB roster also graced the occasion.

Here is an exclusive video of Diamond revealing the juicy details: