So rumours have traveled wild, on the supposed relationship between Dela and Timmy T Dat. Dela did an interview and denied the rumours despite pictures and videos surfacing online of them kissing.

So anyway, Timmy T Dat had a concert in Mombasa where he shared a stage with Avril (whose baby bump was showing) and Otile Brown.

Timmy went to the crowd and the ladies sure do love him. They were screaming his name and dancing to his big tune, Kata Wembe featuring Otile Brown. He took a lady from the crowd who danced on him and he couldn't help but just go on with the flow.

He went back to the stage and asked another girl to join him on stage where he performed another hit song, Kasayole. The girl was so prepared for this.

Tdat’s Ex Cries

She took to stage and danced on him like never before, she ground on him then pulled an epic stunt. She went under his legs you know kama chobo and found her way behind him.

So since Dela claims they are not together and he is single, Timmy, slide into that DM she looks like a good wife. You will never get bored.

Okay, if that did not paint the picture for you, here is a vivid video of this classic dance move: