Lynda Nyangweso is not a happy lady today after finding out that someone has been using a Facebook account with her name and image, masquerading as her with comments wrongly attributed to her.

Lynda was alerted to the fake page and acted against it.

The latest post from the impersonator of the fake account is spreading hate comments, which Lynda doesn't stand for no matter what.

She has come out to clear the air, making it clear that she is not in any way associated to that account and also apologised.

She said, "Let me be very clear. THIS IS NOT ME. That someone would use my name and image to spread unnecessary hate during this time in our country's history is beyond me. This bigger than hate mongers or those who choose to incite or agitate. I apologize if this caused distress to anyone,even though it is not my fault, I am so broken that someone would pretend to be me and be so hateful. This is insane."

Experts have provided these simple guidelines on how to spot a fake account.

  1. Locate the profile image on that account.
  2. Save the image eg on your desktop
  3. Use google image search tool by dragging that image to the search field.

If the image search produces alot of Facebook profiles your best guess is it's fake.