KTN's news anchor Betty Kyallo has revealed juicy details about their marriage and eventual divorce with NTV's investigative journalist Dennis Okari.

Talking to True Love, the TV personality has revealed that during her traditional wedding, Okari stood her up and did not pick her calls.

"I needed to find out what time their entourage would arrive. But he did not pick up my call. I tired calling him again after an hour and once again it went unanswered.'"

Betty's parents tried to contact Okari, again, their calls went unanswered too.

"At 3pm, when we tried to call again, all their phones were off. By the time the sun was going down, it was obvious that I had been stood up on my traditional wedding."

All this time, Betty's mother had invited almost 250 friends from her chama, they had used a lot of money to prepare for the traditional wedding.

"My dad wanted to go and tell everyone what was happening, but i told him that i would go. I started by thanking them for coming and then i told them that things did not work out. I would sense that nobody understood what I was talking about, but I let them know that I was grateful to have them home since we had not connected for a long time."

Everybody in her family wanted her to break up with Okari after what he had put her through. But Betty Kyallo would then go back to Okari as she continued to talk to him behind her family's back.

The two agreed that when their daughter turned one year, they would do a second traditional wedding even though Betty felt that she was not being protected from malice and attack by Okari when it came to his family's side.

This time round, the traditional wedding was attended by only ten people. Betty explained,

"We then decided that when Ivanna turned one, we would have the wedding. The second traditional wedding leading up to this day was attended by only 10 people. My mum and dad were the only ones present from my from of the family. But ultimately, it was not the marriage ceremony I had dreamed of."