EXCLUSIVE: Vitimbi And Vioja Mahakamani Crew Talk Leaving KBC, This Is The UNBELIEVABLE Reason Why

Piece by: Queen Serem

Mpasho sat down with Vitimbi's Mama Kayai, the judge to Vioja Mahakamani Lucy Wangui and Gibson Mbugua also a veteran from Vija Mahakamani.

It turns out that the two local drama shows were owned by KBC and according to them, some people felt that they were too "old" for the job and decided that a new crew should take over.

This meant that the former Vioja Mahakamani crew would be left jobless as what they called 'young' minds were set to take over the job.

Aisha Khavere, Mama Kayai's real name,  says Vitimbi crew then came together in solidarity to defend their friends of Vioja Mahakamani who had been kicked out.

But then, were they paid well?

"Hio kidogo tulikua tunalipwa lazima ujipange nayo.Si eti unalipwa kidogo inakushinda kujipanga. Ikiwa hiyo ndogo unapatiwa inakushinda kujipanga kwa hiyo hata hiyo nyingi ukipewa itaisha kabisa. Kwa hivyo nilikua najipanga na hio kidogo nilikua napewa."

For three years now, the crew from the two local drama shows have gone MIA (Missing In Action). Good news fellas! They now have a new show that will premiere this Sunday 30th July.

Here is an exclusive interview with the crew as they talk new project and family: