Mama I Made It!!! Lady Bee's Daughter Makes This RARE Move

Piece by: Queen Serem

Daughter to secular turn gospel singer Lady Bee is doing big things. Yvonne, Bee's daughter recently made her mother proud after doing what many have been dreaming of achieving...getting that mortaboard.

By that I mean the beautiful daughter of the Matunda hit maker graduated from the South Eastern kenya University in Kitui. Lady Bee who seemed to be so exited went ahead to write;

"Uuuuwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii come and see what the Lord has done????????????????Amefanya maajabu nasiwezi kueleza???????????????????????????????? can't stop praising uwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yvonne, God bless you my darling, my joy, the love of my life, my friend i'm so proud of you...I love you"

And yes, she has a grown up daughter, that old enough to even graduate. Bee recently gave her experience when she found out she was pregnant at a tender age;

“My Toto Yvonne ❤❤❤ When I see this beautiful soul waaaaa I am telling you God is so faithful I can testify..I remember when I was told am pregnant wololoooo, I was hiding from my mum????afraid of her because waaa my mum was???? I was so confused, even in my estate I was an outcast, not allowed to be with other girls of my age because nilikua nimejua mengi sana???? so you can imagine how lonely I was ???? But see what the LORD has done…” Lady Bee said.

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Congratulations Yvonne.

Check out lady Bee's hit song;