Anapenda mtu hampendi? Rappers Timmy Tdat and Kush Tracey caught headlines with their public relationship. Just like any other crazy relationship, it did not last long...Just months and it was over.

Well, recently Timmy revealed that he does not miss Kush Tracy anymore, talking to Willy M Tuva, the Trikideh hit maker went further to state that he has already moved on.

So, Timmy, do you miss Kush Tracy?


It is well remembered that Kush and Timmy were head over heels in love that they even released a hit song Ndulu that made top charts in the music industry. So, recently when Kush was asked about her missing her ex Timmy, she would ignore the question.

"The working relationship was dope"

She continued;

"Ukiniangalia tu hivyo...nakaa mashidaree hivi?"

Well, her answers proved well that she was still in love with the Usinikazie guy, even after prove that Timmy is dating fellow artiste Dela.