Kweli mapenzi Ya Ancestor Ni Tamu! Emmy Kosgei And Husband Flaunt Matching Gold Watches

Piece by: Uncle Chim Tuna

It would seem I was hasty in my judgement of ancestor love indeed given how much Emmy Kosgei is glowing!

Maybe women are right in their assertion that older men make better husbands than youngbloods. But whatever the case, Emmy Kosgei is glowing. And I am no longer talking about the gleam in her eyes or her loved-up aura, I am referring to her gold watch. A watch I might add that matches her husband's. His and Hers.

I was trawling these internets for a story to tell when I came across a photo of Emmy Kosgei and her husband. The photo in question is a rather blurry photo so I am not sure whether or not it was taken in secret or whether the glow from both wife and watches was way too much for the camera to capture but in the photo she seems genuinely happy and in-love.

Check out the photo below: