It would seem that when everything is said and done, right before you put a fullstop to the sentence, Radio Africa are kings when it comes to the business of keeping people glued to their radios.

The company that owns Kiss100, Classic 105, XFM, East FM and Radio Jambo has several presenters (both past and current) who dominated the list of popular radio presenters, a list that was compiled by Consumer Insight Kenya who conducted a survey.

I came across a screenshot of the survey results which was conducted during the last 3rd quarter of 2016 while Kalekye Mumo was still at Kiss 100.

In the screenshot, a list has been compiled from the most popular on down along with the percentage they scored and drum rolls please:

The list goes as follows:

#1. Jalang'o

#2. Maina Kageni

#3. Shaffie Weru

#4. Gidi Gidi

#5. Mwalimu King'ang'i

#6. Ghost Mulee

#7. Alex Mwakideu

#8. Kalekye Mumo

#9. Mbusi

#10. Mwala

Here the full list is:

We spoke to a representative of Consumer Insights who confirmed that the plist is indeed genuine and was conducted from the last month of the 3rd quarter through to the 1st month of the fourth business quarter 2016.

What do you think about this? Personally, I would prefer to see a list of the most popular shows just to find out whether #TheBigScoop is popular.