Kimeumana! Weeks after we revealed that singer Bahati and video vixen lass Diana Marua could be an item, fans have finally spoken out.

Forget their romantic adventure, sharing clothes to even rocking matching outfits, Bahati's fans seem to appreciate the fact that he has apparently found a bae. Now, why all the hate being showered on the gospel kid? Well, fans say that Bahati is taking them for fools after he put Diana Marua's photo citing that the two are "Prayer Partners," note he put the words in quotes.

Bahati would go ahead to ask who is complaining about him having that "Prayer Partner" something that made fans get fed up with what they say is immature. Others called upon the Mapenzi hit maker to come clear on the issue, citing that he is playing around with his fans. Is Bahati a liar now?

Bahati wrote;

"This's is the Year of seeking God - Who's Complaining about me having a "PRAYER PARTNER??? ????????????"

I remember well that ex EMB record signed artist Weezdom also had a prayer partner and came out to deny pregnancy claims made by the lady. Kwani aliekelewa ball?

Back to Baha - these two "Prayer Partners" must be making a good progress. Is it that prayer partners need a private prayer room to create the perfect atmosphere...? Maombi muhimu! Well, other fans have called upon this gospel wonder kid to grow up and come straight to clear the air with his fans, others verbally abusing him with words too hot to be written here.

Well, other fans have called upon this gospel wonder kid to grow up and clear the air while others verbally abused him quite harshly, to be frank.

Baba Morgan sema ukweli! Even after other fans say Diana is older than Bahati, it is not yet revealed if the video vixen could actually be the big "Sister In Christ" cum "Prayer Partner" to the gospel hitmaker.

I must admit, they look good together, but it's high time Bahati broke the silence and told your fans the truth. Efforts to reach Diana Marua and Bahati have been unfruitful, leaving us all still guessing...

This is the wild reaction he got from fans;

alphatimoz; Mnatufanyanga Watoi Sana...unataka kuficha Uongo Ndani Ya frank tell us ni your girlfriend..we will take you nowhere coz we love you... acha kucheza na akili zetu ukiongeza Jina prayer Hapo mwisho...@diana_marua @bahatikenya

ping_wa_mum; Prayer partner it's inquotes but watu wako uku tu wakicatch mafeelings mnajua vile ni tricky kuitana bae ????

qui_swtgal; Many will not say da truth,she beautiful in she looks more older than you.(my opinion)

miss_weeniverse@sleepydavid there's something fisi (I mean fissy or is it fishy!)

rossen7; Stop lying to the world n ya fans @bahatikenya tell them she's more than a prayer partner, bc prayer partners don't drag each other along every time nor are they together in every picture. You don't need to justify to us about your prayers

edwardmwangi534Nippee number ya prayer partner wako,I need prayers too☺️☺️

bobo_mbuthia; I hear wedding bells♥♥

tetech93@sleepydavid;  ????????????ufisi itakumaliza lol

princeericksuch; Maombi ya mke mwema

_blessingsfaithofficial_55; She's Diana mwenye aliact kama bibi kwa wimbo yako ya mapenzi.Kumbe si drama tu unataka akue prayer partner?Haha,lakini unaweza omba pekee yako.

keysher_olive; No one.pop the question and put that ring on her finger as soon as yesterday

annetkiilu; Why is it always soo hard to swallow truth??wenye wivu kueni soreee..

blackpyramind_boy; Enyewe kudate celeb ni tricky hawezi kuita bae????????????????

mbarire109; Wacha niulze tena kwani hzo mwaka zingne zilikua za nini?????????????????????????????

mbarire109; Hehe na huyu partner kwani anajua kutoa mashetani za kua single?