Omera I got a plus one?

Vicmass Luodollar has almost never revealed the love of his life since he debuted in the music industry. It seems like his new year’s resolution is introducing his bae to the world. In a recent social media post, Vicmass is seen  unapologetically kissing this sexy chic in public.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss, Vicmass Luodollar has revealed her name as Lucy Manga and says he loves her to a point that she means the whole world to the Bank Otuch rapper. Look how love can make people go Koo Koo!

The two, who have been dating for 3 years now, seem to be the newest couple in 2017 after posting a series of pictures showering love on each other on social media .  Luo, who has highly praised Lucy, says she is his main chic and is willing to give more time to this relationship. Well, we hope wedding bells are around the corner!

Luodollar’s sexy catch seems to be more than a girlfriend to this Simbe Adek song master who has constantly referred to her as his Wife. But do I say!

Here is what Vicmass had to say to his bae;

vicmassluodollarFamily.My other half.

Am the lucky one,i stole her heart and ran away with it.

Am counting on her.

She knows there is no water in the desert.

We can now take tea without sugar in 2017 and in future and we still okay.

She is my cup of tea every morning,my pillow when i retire to bed, may GOD protect us.

#Bae ????????????

Here is Vicmass Luodollar’s hit song Bank Otuch;