Most people think it is easy to get music out and command an audience. It is not. Kenyan singer has come out to explain why. She waltzed into the limelight with her mellow voice and won over fans. Popular Nairobi based singer, Vivian, who has a number of hit songs under her belt claims this was not always easy.

Vivian amefungua roho to her fans. The Teren Teren star took to social media to post a heart warming message. It highlighted a low moment in her life when she was about to call it quits on life, music and her career.


"Hey :) A few of you may find this difficult to believe but I have wanted to give up on my life many times. Maybe some of you have been in such a situation at some point in their lives too.. I'd just like to point out up is not an option. . It will never be and it has never been.

Never give up, never look down and never look back. Always move forward in life. Don't let anyone make you feel as if you don't belong or unworthy of...ever.

Those that do are just not strong enough to handle such greatness. Be proud of who you are.

Always walk with your head high, you are never alone."