Mpasho Exclusive: Gospel Star Ringtone Goes Back to Being a Chokora (Photos)

Piece by: Kwarula Otieno

Many people tend to forget where they came from when they finally make it in life, some people don't even want to be associated with their past completely.

Popular gospel artist Ringtone is one of the Kenyan celebrities who have an inspiring story, from being a street kid to dining with the president.

Apart from buying expensive cars (read the post below)

The Talanta hit-maker is also giving back to the community by helping street kids.

I have started a street mentorship program to reach out to the boys and girls on the street. I plan to mentor, motivate them using my experience, feed them and give them ideas on how to survive on the streets in peace like I did. I intend to travel across the country and do this in major towns. Last week I launched the program in kariokor in NAIROBI and I managed to gather over 200 street boys and girls and there street families. I feel that God has blessed me and opened doors for me so that I can share and inspire people especially those from background like where I have come from. I urge the minister in charge of children affairs and the minister for devolution to work with people like me because we have a rich experience from the streets that can help the government to solve the streets children issues and crime at large.

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