"You're Not Just My Type, Do You Even Have a Ride?" Mejja Asked By a Lady He Tried Seducing (Audio)

Piece by: Kwarula Otieno

Mejja is back in his beast mode form on this Beat Ya Keggah track. Mejja has been making waves in Kansoul and it's paying off as he goes international working with currently the hardest working producer right now and the biggest Kenyan producer abroad, Keggah of BYK Studios based in the U.S.

Mejja murders this track with his catchy and engrossing storyline lyrics. Keggah has delivered on this track as it compliments Mejja's style well. Keggah has worked on major projects with some of the biggest names in showbiz in Kenya. They include: Juacali, Bamboo, Nonini, Wyre, Khaligraph, Kristoff Proff, just to mention a few.

Other notable names are in the pipeline too featuring awesome surprises for the public.

Lakini kwanza eh, naona msupa, kuruka. Kunichanganya nayo... Kumchapia; You're Not Just My Type, Do You Even Have a Ride? Eeh, kulengwa nayo

Watch "Mejja Mi Nayo" below;