The new Nairobi D casts have generated a lot of talks both negative and positive and I mean that their thinking is that any publicity is good publicity. Gloria aka Barbie has seen the best of it and is living in it.

She received hate when she first appeared on the show but that did not stop her from getting paid fam! She told her fans; both haters and lovers that she is about to make some serious money that will buy her a house and a car all because you spend your time behind a keyboard bashing her.

Barbie even claims she is now getting so many endorsements that will make her get a lot of money soon and fast. The fact that a 21-year-old girl is trending weekly, means her life is about to change and probably for the better.

‘I am a brand and to my fans pole’ Stacey Pendo apologizes after a heated fight

Remember Pendo telling her on the show to look for other means of creating a storyline instead of using her name, clearly, she has found the right way to make headlines and eventually make money even if we love to hate the ladies on the show.