Rapper Wangechi

Using someone’s photo might land you in trouble and you’ll have to pay a lot of money. Rapper Wangechi, whose photo was used by Tecno Mobile company in a campaign back in 2016 can finally smile.

Rapper Wangechi

Years later, Wangechi won the court case agains the mobile company on September 17, 2020.

The excited artiste took to social media to thank her lawyers for helping her.

“4 years ago my constitutional rights to privacy were infringed.Today the courts ruled in my favor and proved I have a right to control how my image and likeness is used publicly.
Toast to my legal team @omuodoogutu for ensuring a guaranteed win 🥂 & keeping me calm & reassured through a looooooonnngggg court process. I hope this sets a precedence for future similar cases.'” she wrote.

Rapper Wangechi

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Several Kenyans reacted to her case and below is what they had to say;

nickndeda That’s. What’s. Up!!!! 💯💯 You’ve done a huge ting for artists everywhere!!! This is BIG!

carol3_carjo Congratulations !!!!🙌 Really glad you got the win despite the time it took👏👏

clivewarren_muthuri Wah, This ambitious strong lady.

Thetiwork This is so dope. Guys remember when @TECNOMobile254 stole Wangechis photo.

Reinhard I‘m truly happy for you Raising hands. All that time, your patience and strength are inspiring. Well, justice was delivered this week. Creatives, fight for your rights. ScalesFlexed biceps

Sheila Chichi Happy for your big win finally! Sad that it takes 4 years to get justice in thiscountry

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