Popular actress Nyce Wanjeri has mourned Othuol Othuol in a touching post.

Nyce and Othuol featured on Auntie Boss TV series as Shiru and Alloise McKenzie respectively.

Shiru acted as a househelp in one of the houses in Taifa Estate and Aloise played the role a security guard of the entire estate.

The two were a couple (girlfriend and boyfriend) on the show.

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In a tear-jerking message, Nyce remembered the best moments they spent together during their tenure at the show, revealing that she was hit hard by his death.

Alloise……It took me this long wondering what to say….I have lost so many people who are important to me and when you are no more it brought me to you and the rest all over again….I had to take time….Ukifika endelea kuchekesha akina angel Gabriel na Jesus…. They have been joined by another great person.
I celebrate you for all the best moments we had as a couple (Shiru and Alloise) on auntie boss thanks to @moonbeamkenya

njeri2895 It’s so sad that it comes a time for us to say goodbye 💔 it’s inevitable. But the best thing is though they are not.with is physically we hold them dear in our.hearts😌n their memories live on with us. We trust God’s plan for everything🙏RIP.Mr Othuol n dear condolences to family n friends..Shiru n Aloise 😊live on💓💓

captainotoyo Gone too soon. A superb talent has rested.😒

angry30th His death hit us hard. R.I.P Othuol Othuol

wanaslilian It is well, RIP Alloise. Will miss you Kama fan wa Aunt Boss😭😭😭😭😭

mwariwaadrew 😢Rip Othuol we will miss you and your jokes

moigeberylnana This one has pained me a lot😭

esther_bradley18 May his soul Rip

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