The much talked about couple

Singer Bahati recently fired his PA Emmah, who snitched on him for cheating on his wife Diana Marua.

In yesterday’s Bahati Reality show, Emmah called Diana crying and told her,

Imagine I’ve been fired because of what I told you [Bahati’s infidelities]. He came to the office and fired me and I don’t know what to do now.

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The heavily pregnant Diana advised her to calm down and she walked straight to the bedroom, where the singer was in bed sleeping.

She pulled the duvet off of hil, forcing Bahati to wake up.

Why are you still sleeping at this time? Why did you fire Emmah?

The singer was pissed that his wife woke him up just to ask him about an employee he fired.

You want to tell me you just woke me up to ask me why I fired Emmah? As my wife, I expected you to come and tell me ‘God has been faithful, you’ve been working hard’. Are you waking me up at this time just to ask me that?.

He added,

It is my company. I am managing it how I feel. I fired her because she is becoming incompetent.

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Diana interjected,

Now because Emmah exposed you and told me everything you always do that’s why you’ve decided to fire her. 

Bahati responded,

She is my PA, her job is not an FBI or CID, who comes to tell you things about me. I meet many fans, that means she is not qualified.

The mother of one exploded,

So even the chic she told me about she’s not the only one…you have so many others.

After the argument, Bahati asked his wife to prepare for him a cup of tea but her response was harsh.

Go and tell that chic of yours to prepare for you. You have to reinstate Emmah by force and its final. We’re not discussing m it anymore.

The Mama hit singer interjected,

Why can’t you employ her as your househelp?

Bahati and Diana

From today I’ve employed her as my PA from today moving forward. Unakuwanga na madharau sana. We’re done. Enda ukapikiwe na huyo dem wako! [You really look down on people. Go to that chic so that she can cook for you] ,’ said Diana.

The controversial gospel artiste was shocked by his wife’s remarks and he said.

When you think of building a house for a woman just to please her, someone like Diana, she becomes tough-headed.

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