Fashion Watch panelist Ian Mbugua has yet again come under attack from a section of Kenyans who feel that he should not comment on matters fashion.

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A few days ago, Ian posted a message bidding his fans goodbye as it had earlier been announced that the show is taking a break.

“Thank you fans and haters. You’re all going to miss us as we will you,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Little did he know that he had just given his so-called haters ammunition to attack him.

One comment in particular caught the eyes of many people and it has been shared across various social media platforms.

According to one lad who goes by the name Denis Bogomba Nyauma, Ian is not supposed to be a panellist on the show but should instead be in a council of elders with his age mates discussing issues affecting the community and offering advice.

As is the norm, his co-panellists Carol Odero, Annabel Onyango and Lillian Muli were not spared either as some social media users had a thing or two to say about them.

It is not the first time Ian Mbugua is being criticized for his role on the fashion show that airs on Citizen TV.

A while back, the former TPF judge became the center of jokes after showing up in a knee-length shirt leading some to say that he dressed like a woman.

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